1. Charitable Aid Program for Vulnerable Individuals

The charitable aid program for vulnerable individuals, is a humanitarian initiative aimed at providing financial support and assistance to elders, widows, and abandoned individuals who are facing economic challenges and social hardships.

2. Grocery Distribution to Impoverished Families

The grocery distribution initiative aimed at impoverished families is a compassionate endeavor designed to provide essential food items to those facing severe economic hardships. The main objective of the program is to provide essential nutrition and sustenance to vulnerable households

3. Child Holistic Development Program

Holistic development program for children focuses on nurturing their physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and creative capacities. Through activities like evening supervised study, play, arts, sports, Children’s Parliament, and interactive learning, such programs promote well-rounded growth, resilience, problem-solving skills, emotional intelligence, and a positive self-concept. They often integrate health, nutrition, and emotional support, creating an environment where children can thrive in all aspects of their¬†development.